So yeah... here i am giving it a try...

I've been playing guitar for a good 2 years, i know my scales, chords(maj7, maj9, sus etc etc)
The band i am looking for should have thrashy riffs with great solos(dist and clean)
even though the main genre is thrash metal you should not be afraid to add a blues, spanish, funk... hell even a country solo to make it more interesting

you as a guitarist should know your scales atleast(chord building doesnt matter)
and you should be open for styles other than metal

could also be interested in a Cacophony inspired project with lots of arpeggios and guitarwork(not too complicated tho )

Inspiration: Megadeth, Metallica, J becker, Loudness and a big fan of Marty Friedman

Do not like: death metal, black metal, growl(distorted screams are acceptable)

Sounds good? theres a downside

I have not been in an internet band before and i do not know how it work or how to record, i do however, have a Line6 tonepod with gearbox and pod farm but i still need to find a good recording program, all tips are appreciated
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i just put up like 1 but its old and its not the music i wanna play
depends if u wanna do lead or just rhythm, i can do any part,
if you want to do lead you need to know your scales, rhythm... well you gotta come up with some nice riffs and maybe a few melodies?

best would be 2 equal guitars, both doing lead and rhythm
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i don't know my scales dude but can think of some stuff, take a look at my online band profile, its called The Noise and you can find it at the bottom of my profile. you can see what i can do there. i can make your drums though if you want? i have a couple of good sounding drum machine programs. the drums on the songs on the band profile are made with an older drum machine though, i have much better ones now.
you made the drums? if so pretty good, some heavy riffs too...

yeah could give you a spot, but do you want to do just drum or guitar also?

any member is free to suggest a few of their own riffs