Too often I see the bassists of (fill-in-the-blank)core bands when tracking parts or playing live simply playing root notes of the guitarist, offering no creativity of their own in the composition. It seems that many bassists nowadays are either inaudible in the mix, or simply play the same notes as their guitarists.

Soo, who are some standout bassists in this genre? Original bassists with their own style, that actually contribute a decent amount to the music.

There are only two I can think of right now:

John Campbell - Lamb Of God
Dan Briggs - Between the Buried and Me
Yeah I can only think of Campbell even though there's probably a hundred other great ones. His part in Contractor makes the whole damn song. Well, almost.
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^beaten to it :/

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Tim Ward/Frank Black? - Fall of troy (not sure if they count as -core)

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Not a fan of "core" bands, and i hate to lumber LoG in with them but yes, Campbell is a beast of a bassist. But Bleeding Through have a good bassist.
Greg Weeks plays the role of bass player better than anyone I've ever heard in a -core band, I think. He supports the music when it needs it, and he puts in a fill or something fun only when he can, not when he wants to. The guy can play some bass.

Brandon Giffin from the Faceless is awesome at bass, has a gorgeous jazz solo in Akeldama's title track, and can definitely keep up with everything the guitarists play. He's not overly flashy, but you can tell the dude could totally shred if need be.

And then of course there's Dan Briggs, who is my personal idol, but that's about it from my music library.
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Say what you will, but Marc McKnight from Atreyu has a sweet bass sound and style of playing. Listen to A Death-Grip on Yesterday for what im talking about.

Oh, and Arif Mirabdolbaghi and Dan Briggs should make a record of them just trying to out solo each other.