I'm considering to buy the Blackstar HT-5 Head to play gigs, jam with band and practice at home etc.
Is the HT-5 powerful enough to handle it?
Does it suit my playing style etc?

I also need a 2x12 speaker cabinet, but I don't know which one. Perhaps I could get some help.

I play rock, metal(core), experimental, progressive etc.

Bands like: The Fall Of Troy, Billy Talent, Rage Against The Machine, We Are The Romans.

I live in Holland.

If you are going to be playing at venues with a decent PA system, then the HT-5 will be loud enough. It is great for everything else.
A metal band?
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You can't play gigs with it unless you mic it, and you would need an OD or Distortion pedal for Metalcore


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you don't even have to mic it You can line out directly to the PA.
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you don't even have to mic it You can line out directly to the PA.

Sounds bad if you ask me though
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^it sounds good going through my Edirol USB interface and into my sequencer. Should sound ok. Wouldn't hurt to try.