Here is a new song, that i made over the last couple of days, its kinda not finished, i still need to add a solo...but i just wanted to put it on here first to see if i should make anymore changes to it....and its c4c so enjoy.....

here is the final version
Song 10-1.zip
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I like the intro and the solo and the heavy intro is very epic but it may be too long like cut off one repeat of the heavy part. the next part s good but the drum when they really kick in they should have a open high hat hit or ride cymbal hit on every beat because is doesnt seem full as it is now. The next riff is good i liked it alot. i like the little lead section and the repeat of the intro very nice. and a good idea would to add the harmony guitar on the intro part in 5ths or someting or maybe an octave to make it not so repetitive. the riff at 163 is nice and the same thing since one guitar already did the riff yoiu should have the lead guitar play harmony of that to keep it interesting. the next riff is good the 3/4 bar is good and te end isnt good but like you said its not finished so w/e.
overall: 7.5/10

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Wow. Brilliant intro solo. It was perfect.
Bar 22 was great with the tremolo picking. It added a really cool, distinct effect to the piece. I like hearing techniques done skillfully like that.
I'm not so fond of 28. It was seriously cliched. Guitar - Guitar/drum accents-full band. That formula has been beaten to death.
I like the idea of the lead for the prechorus, but it could use a bit more variation IMO. Love the chorus.

The Breakdown Thingy is easily my favorite part of the song. Nice use of an exotic scale.

Overall very nice. 8/10
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I also thought the intro was pretty awesome, and about the tremelo part to.
Though I also agree that the riff at 28 is just a lame boring thrash thing.
69 sounds really good, but could use more variation.
79, I love this part, and the harmonies, and strings.
I dig 134, but I'm not totally sure it fits the rest of the song.
Next riff is bland though. =/
Outro is great, but I think more can be done to emphasize it as an epic moment. I like the gradual removal of instruments to end it, but maybe make a guitar to some kinda of octave melody or a solo from the beginning of it?

I don't give ?/10 ratings, because I rate some genres i don't particularly like on here and have bias. But other than the couple generic thrash parts this was all really good to me.

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I like the intro a lot. Very nice. The solo was also enjoyable. But that little slide out octave at the end wasn't the best way the end it, in my opinion.
The distorted version of the clean riff was awesome. The strings gave it a nice feel.
The heavy riff is fairly epic. Along with the verses.
The prechorus isn't really my cup of tea, although still enjoyable.
The 6/4 riff is just plain epic. And a nice lead on to the 3rd verse. Sadly, though, I didn't like the third verse as much as the first two.
Ah, the outro is very nice. A good fade out.

Sure, it's probably not the greatest crit, and I do apologise.
But none the less, care to crit mine?
They may be two completely different genres, but meh.
Overall I really enjoyed this piece.

-The intro was awesome. Very soulful, emotional, then when the strings come in it sounds like awesome movie music!

-From bar 69 to 74 you repeat a phrase three times. I'd say changing the lead guitar and/or drums slightly on the second repetition would add some flavor to the section.

-Personally I thought the breakdown was a bit too different from what you had established before it, and the transition from bar 143 to 144 seemed sudden. Some cymbals on the drums might make it sound better.

-Then, once again, I love the epic chorus/outro.

This was a good song, and I know once you finish it, it will be excellent!