I've been taking guitar lessons for a few months, close to a year now. I've mostly been learning some bluesier stuff, but I would really like to get into metal. I use standard E tuning and won't downtune farther than drop D, so I know that limits it a bit, but can someone recommend me some stuff?

Here's what I've played. Not all that much metal in there, but again, metal is where I want to go from here. All of these songs I've done the solos to as well.

Stairway to Heaven
Purple Haze
Little Wing
Red House
all of Crossroads
Sunshine of Your Love
Sanitarium (not up to full speed yet)
Fade to Black, finishing up final solo

etc, stuff like that. Metallica recommendations, or any sort of metal? I love melodeath, but the only standard E melodeath band I know of is Norther. I'd love to play their solos but I think they are too hard and they are hard to find tabs for.
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Check out a few of these songs:
Round and Round - Ratt
Trapped Under Ice - Metallica (this may be slightly harder than intermediate)
Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden (not too hard)
Stricken - Disturbed

do these suffice?
Most of those aren't even in standard E which was my main question lol but thanks they're good songs.
Every master of Puppets solo, (fast one is above intermediate unless you've already developed really high speed, but the middle ones are very good)
Tick tock and waiting for the meteor
This clock is opening another door
Thanks for the responses guys, means a lot.

And SceneFromAbove, I'd prefer the heavier stuff (Dark Tranquility, Norther, like most melodic death metal) but I know that in standard e or drop D, that's hard. Maybe I'll check out some Lamb of God since that is drop D. But I'd basically like to go as heavy as possible for standard E or drop D.
Drop D...anything pantera is either 6th string dropped to D then the rest regular...Dadgbe...or DaCFad I believe...they got a ton of cool stuff...its barely ever in any other tuning...some standard E

I would atleast suggest allowing yourself to consider CGCFAD tuning...its really cool...very heavy and loose strings = better pinch harmonics...not to mention it plays like drop D...1 finger 3 string power chords

Black label society plays in drop C alot as well as some other pretty cool bands such as Down and even black sabbath!

anyway if you can play little wing by hendrix...there is no reason to switch to metal lol...that song is like impossible to play in my opinion and I almost find it insane to believe you can play that after only a year...

are lessons really that great? I am just doing the self teach thing cause im poor...but should i start selling my meat on the street to afford lessons or what???

seems like it helps a lot....fml for being working class poor
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