b|----------------------------|----- 6-----------------------|
d|---------------------------|---9 --------- 7~ 5----------|
a|--- 8 ---- 8 ----- 8------|------------------5 5 5 h 7-|
e|6 ---- 6 ----- 6 ---------|------------------------------ | PLAY LAST SECTION TWICE
~=wiggle string with finger
this is the intro to purple haze ill post the rest latter
Uh buddy, you don't post tabs on the fourms. Silly AUG O9. We really don't need more of these tabs but if you must write it out submit it to the website. Also read the rules and faq in the New Members Q+A forum. I won't report you but this not the place to be doing this. And by the way, wiggle w/finger is called vibrato.
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