Hey all, sorry if this is the wrong forum but im new here. My question is how do all the 80's metal/hair metal guitarists like EVH, Slash, Ritchie Sambora etc. get that sound where they like slide up and down the neck, but it sort of sounds like they're scraping it with something. It's usually right before/right after solos. It's more out of curiosity than actually wanting to do it, but i would like to do it if its fairly easy. Thanks for help
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They're scraping it with the plectrum.

The string that is
Quote by blue_strat
They're scraping it with the plectrum.
but they dont use their picking hand, just their fretting hand
yeah, it's just pick scrape, you use the edge of your pick, push it against (preferrably for that sound) the 3 bottom strings (or maybe 2 if you have a smaller pick) and you slide up and down the strings with your pick, with a bit of distortion on
EDIT: If it's just their fretting hand, then just put distortion on, and slide around with your hand, you'll hear it (not sure if that's what you mean, but I wouldn't know anything else)
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I don't know about the others, but you specifically mentioned Richie Sambora: I spent a long time trying to work it out, basically what he does isn't just sliding his hand down/up the neck, he starts it with what is basically a hammer-on barre to kick-start the sound. If you just slide your hand up and down normally, it'll produce a sound but nowhere near as loud as he used to do it. He hammers on a barre then slides down from that, it's much clearer.
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