I like playing almost every subgenre of metal, but mostly thrash and power. I also play some 80's rock (AC/DC, guns, etc)
My budget is around $1100, I was looking a the

-RG3550 (out of muy budget, I dont know if its worth the extra cash, I will buy the guitar in november so I could gather the extra cash)

-Maybe some schecter?

It would be cool to do some floyd rose tricks and cover pantera, but they are not a big part of my style, so I don't care if the guitar has one (but if it does, it has to be good quality)

I'm open to suggestions, and if its relevant my amp is a flextone III XL
Dammnnnnn baaaaaby,
Sounds like you want a custom shop carvin ST300 with stainless steel frets. 14 inch radius birds eye maple fretboard. tung oil neck and flamed maple finish.
if you can save up enough for that Ibanez I would highly recommend it, the prestige model Ibanez's are brilliant