K so I have a Epi les paul which I have already done a fair amount of heatgunning on the back, and only has a bit of paint and laquer left on it. I suddenly got some inspiration to do some work on it as I haven't tocuhed it in ever, and so I just started going at it with some sandpaper I found, its 100grit or whatever (I don't know much about sandpaper, but it says repeatedly on the back 100 so I'm guessing this is it).

Im sanding along the grain, trying to get as much of the paint off as I can first and at the same time taking some of the stain off, ( It had a dark brown stain to it once I got the lacquer off, not like a proper stain finish or anything like that). Is there anyting I should be wary of? I don't wanna screw anything up but I really wanna do some more on this project. Any tips? Timesavers? Warnings? etc?

I'd be really greatful, thanks.
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Maybe the price tag is clouding your judgment ?
yeah probably. Or the circuits.