im not sure if this is the right place to put this topic but it makes sense to me and usually ultimate guitar is pretty helpful for me ok so my guitar pro is out of tune. i have been using the program for a while and i know how to work everything. my guitar is tuned to C sharp and i do know how to adjust the tuning of songs im learning in guitar pro, but no matter what tuning i set it to it still sounds off, i have tried setting the song in guitar pro to C sharp but it sounded too high still so i bumped it up a half step but still didnt work. i dont know whats going on, and i used 3 different tuners to make sure my guitar is perfectly in tune. any ideas whats going on with guitar pro???
maybe it's the sound of the midi, i dont know, i've never had that problem
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get a decent Korg tuner, i got one and it's awesome...under 25 u.s.d
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I think I now your problem,hope this helps

You can't just click transpose in the options bar because it messes up all the fingering
Individually double click on each instrument and press down on the tuning so they are in Csharp
When it ask do you want to transpose them in the tuning press NO
That should work if not

Or if you want to play along to the song later but down want to have to lower the pitch then
for example you wanted to play a Children of Bodom solo then you would bring every note forward one since you are in C sharp and they are in D,a semi-tone of a difference,so just one fret