great song, very spanish feel (which, by the title of the song is meant for) and great technique, I hear some dead notes, but that's not too bad
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thanks, i will finish the song once i can find a good recording program for my new computer

@poipoi: yeah there are some dead notes but its my first song ever and as i said its poor edit and shiet

@dethofmoo: i checked out some of ur stuff, its pretty (effin) great, i like those very simple runs through the scale on one of ur songs, great sounding
Hey, this is great, it's nice to hear some spanish guitar for a change.

I have no complaints about the actual melodies, the song sounded like a cool mix between spanish and medieval music, but at some parts I had a hard time making out the second melody line.

There are some dead notes and a few very slight rhythmic mistake, but it sounds great nevertheless. I'm still miles away from being able to play this kind of stuff.
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it stands for "crit for crit" you scratch my back and i will scratch yours kind of thing. c4c.

anways thanks for the crit. the 1 line of it lol. honestly did you even listen to it? if you dident, actualy take the time for it.

that was cool. it has a very mexican spanish feel. the playing is great. made me wana drink a margarita and go dancing lol. nice job. i wish it would have been longer though. with some lights drums this would be even better. nice playing man. i enjoyed the listen.

crit mine for real? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1183852
i was thinking more classical than spanish but hey, whatever feels better

yeah i know theres one part where you can barely here the second melody part, but its not the final cut anyways i will complete the song once school starts again, and ill be making other songs as well hopefully
wow this is awesome i cant stop listening to it, should really finish the song, some bad notes could be fixed, maybe add some bass or other instruments?