Well I'm probably going to have around $200 near my birthday which is in December which is a long ways away but I need time to research. So with that money I'm either going to get a delay pedal, reverb pedal or a chorus pedal or I can get coil splitting pickups for my Epi Les Paul. Lately I've been really liking the strat sound and from what I understand I can get close to that sound but not exactly.
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i`d go for a pedal out of the 3 you mention go for the delay as you can simulate the others on a delay pedal...the vox time machine is the dogs bullocks btw..
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EHX Memory Boy; vibrato, chorus and analogue delay for $100.

Then save up $50, get a set of two four-conductor pickups. You can get a bridge or neck pickup right then with $70 of the $100 and the setup with the other $30.

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Well firstly, you can't make a Les Paul sound like a Strat. At all. No matter what pickups you put in it, they won't sound the same. The bodies, bridges and construction are too different.

Secondly, 'coil splitting pickups' covers 90% of pickups out there. There are very, very few pickups that can't be split. Some sound better split than others, and there are some like the Swineshead AMP and Seymour Duncan AMP that are made purposefully to be split, but then they won't give you the full humbucker tones too.
There's also more to splitting a pickup than just whether the pickup has the four wires necessary: you'll also end some kind of switch, be the a mini-toggle routed and installed into the guitar or getting the existing control pots replaced with push-pull or push-push pots.

Either way, I'd recommend the pedal. You can get a few pedals that will do delay, reverb and chorus - the Boss DD-7 is my delay/chorus unit of choice but the EHX that Necrosis mentioned is also a great unit and was going to be my own second choice if the shop hadn't have had the DD-7 in. Versatile and high-quality effects like those will do more for you than a coil split will.
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