A couple of months ago i got myself a nice little Peavey Classic 30 to replace my Cube 30X. I really like the cleans however it doesn't provide enough gain for most songs i want to play.

I've saved up again and find myself with around £200-£300 to spend on pedals. I've had a look at some multi effects however i have been advised invidual pedals through my tube amp will sound much better.

Right now i only have a Boss-MT2 MetalZone which i cant get a good tone out of at all. So i'm asking for your expertise. Which pedal(s) should i purchase to have a wide variety of tones and be able to play Opeth/Metallica etc

I was thinking maybe a distortion/overdrive, EQ, Wah and a Noise Gate however im pretty clueless.

Thanks in advance.
biyang pedals sound pretty good and are pretty cheap, but (based on my experience, anyway), the reliability is a bit dodgy. If I gigged, I wouldn't want to rely on them, kind of thing.

Toneriders are pretty nice, a bit more expensive than biyangs, but the reliability seems to be better. i've only tried the chorus, but it's really nice, and from what i hear, the overdrive and distortion are pretty nice too. You're talking around about £60 each. they're supposedly releasing an analogue delay soon, too.

the decimator is the best noise gate i've tried, though i've only tried it and the boss one. but it destroys the boss one, if you ask me.

never really used an EQ, you're on your own there.

wahs i'm not too well up on, the crybaby isn't great, but the advantage is that if you can solder etc., it can be modded into something a lot better.

EDIT: with that budget, you could also consider going boutique if you only need a couple of pedals- i've heard good things about e.g. the MI audio crunchbox, though I haven't tried it, and a maxon od808 or od9 would be worth considering for the od (though it's debatable if they'd be any better than the tonerider, considering the tonerider one is supposedly a pretty close copy of one).

it's also debatable if it's worth going boutique with the pedals when you have a more mass-produced amp.
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EQ - I use an MXR M-108.
Wah - I'd wait for the Ibanez WH10 to come out in October.
OD - I use a DigiTech Bad Monkey, works great as a transparent boost. Also check out the Maxon OD808.
Noise gate (not sure that you really need one) - the ISP Decimator, as said before, is pretty much the industry standard.

You might want a delay, such as the Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy. Less than 100 pounds, sounds great, up to half a second of delay.
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the isp is a noise reducer iirc, slightly different than a gate, but i have a smart gate and i love it. for a wah, depending on how savvy you are, you could get a GBC-95 and mod it. distortion overdrive, sansamp GT-2, i've gotten all kinds of tones out of mine. EQ, thats up to you, depends on how many bands you want.

for metal, you might want to look into a flanger. i second the delay. but i haven't played with too many higher end ones.
look into second hand pedals.

Distortion/overdrive, visualsound jekyll & hyde is pretty nice for both, it's in my pedalboard at the moment and i like it.

Wilkinson EZ lok Tuners - £15
Dunlop 535q Multiwah - £80

Offers/Trades anyone?
wahs- alot of people go the dunlop crybaby route, and i did too, until i tried out a morley bad horsie. i would put the horsie up against a crybaby any day.

distortion/overdrive- i personally use Digitech, theyre really durable, affordable, and give a great tone (i absolutely love my screamin blues pedal i got for $40, and when you dial up the gain, it easily plays pantera/metallica). also, Visual Sound makes a really nice Jekyll & Hyde pedal... it has footswitches for overdrive and distortion seperately, and you can really get heavy distortion using em together.

thats all i know about really, so id say Morley Bad Horsie wah, and either a Digitech stompbox or a Visual Sound one, depending on your budget
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I wouldn't suggest a WH-10 because i do't think it would handle opeth/metallica,i would take the morley wah.

For ditortion would have said buy an expensive metal amp (im not a metal amp guy) and crank it's distortion and possible run an od through it, but thats my opinion.

Decimator for the noise gate.

Also id suggest getting a phaser, you can get some kool tones with those!
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