my name is blake and my entire existance thrives on playing guitar and following my dream of performing with other people who dont completely suck ass at there instruments, im completely self taught and feel that i still have alot of room to improve, but i am excellent at improving guitar parts and am confident i can play close to any guitar part givin a few hours of practice ( that is besides outrageous sweep picking ) and my mind is programmed for breakdowns. i have my own equipment even though it might not be the best, it gets the job done for now. i have a microkorg synth, a vintage orange halfstack with an older crate head, a ****ty epiphone les paul and a ****ty b.c rich warlock platnum edition. my pedals only consist of: boss metalcore distortion, boss ns-2 noise supressor, boss digital delay, boss chorus, and the korg pitch black chromatic tuner. i also have a behrenger pmp3000 live mixer along with some entry level cad drum mics for a 4 piece set. i have sennheiser e835 dynamic vocal mic, an audix i5 instrument mic, cad gxl studio pack which just has a gxl 2200 large diaphram condencer mic and a gxl 1200 instrument condenser mic. and i have a pair of Kustom kse 215h. 2 way stage speakers. if you want a basic sample of my skill level check out Myspace.com/blakegoransson .... i put up a chiodos cover that i did a little while back when i was bored.............. and as for the singer, his name is jared and he has incredible potential for both singing and screaming, he doesnt have as much experience as i do, but deffinently has alot of raw talent
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