i'm not big into country and i like my heavy rock/metal... but that is great.. only thing i personally don't like about it.. is your voice is to low... like a notch higher and it would be perfect in my opinion.. keep up the good work
That was good stuff man.

I like the vibe it had and the lyrics were clever.
Keep up the good work.
Its quite different to what I normally listen to but I enjoyed it, would be interested to hear it when you record a full version of it. I thought the lyrics were great, nice guitar work.
This is well written and well executed.
However, I feel it would require a little more arrangements, maybe bass and drums, another guitar or some piano...I'm sure you see what I mean.
Anyways, nice work.
Would you happen to be a fan of the Avett Bros? Cause this remind me of their stuff a lot. Well parts of it. I think this is really excellent. I like you voice - you can pull of the low range with expression, which is nice to hear, and it's all in tune so well done! The only thing I can think of to improve with the vocals is that sometimes they sound like you could raise the volume a bit, it sounds like you're singing the soft parts nicely, then when it's time for a bit of a change, you change your voice to fit, but the volume doesn't go up...er that probably doesn't make a lot of sense. Thinking about it, it may just be me, because I used to have a singer, who couldn't sing in tune for anything, and he would do a similar thing that you do in parts...except your singing is in tune and sounds good! Sorry that may have sounded a bit insulting, I didn't mean it to be - I like your singing but grrr I just can't explain ... doesn't matter I'm not a singer anyway so I don't really know much about it!

Not much much to say about the guitar really - it's fitting, well-played, can't think of any improvements there. And to top it off the song is catchy and easy to listen to!

And thanks for the feedback on mine.

Edit: listening to your other songs I remembered I'd listened before and I'm a big fan! I'll keep my eye out for the next one you do!
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Hey man, thanks for your crit.

Your song is great, it's out of my normal listening categories but I still liked it. The guitar coulda done with a bit more volume, except in some parts where the volume of the vocals dropped dramatically, and maybe a tiny bit of reverb if you wanna play with effects.

The vocal stuff is also very nice, is that two seperate vocal tracks or just a layer effect?

But yeah, great song man. Maybe add some whistling in there? It seems fitting, even if it is a bit cliche.
🙈 🙉 🙊
This song has a nice laid-back feel.

I like the singing and your voice. It all sounded in key. Often I cringe a little when listen to singer-songwritery stuff, but that didn't happen this time!

Nice pacing of the vocal delivery. I like the changes between "talking" and singing.

The guitar part is a little repetitive, and I think you could add a lot of interest by doing more with the instrument -- some fingerpicking, more variation in the strumming patterns, hammering-on/pulling-off to change the chords while you play them, etc.

Very solid performance, overall.
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Very nice. I think what stood out the most was that the vocals were accurate and in-tune. The guitar sounds great, very solid. I wouldn't add a solo, or any extra content really, but if it were my song I would think about taking the vocals a step further and doing four-part harmonies, that would be bad-ass.
i did crit/listen to it!, i think it could be more interesting with a small solo, just a roll through the scale or something

maybe a change in chord somewhere

but it does sound a little like your holding back the vocals, should be higher, you know... more aggressive, hard to explain
Nice song and thanks for the crit!
I don't know if you know of a band called Cowboy Mouth, but to me the singer on this track sounds a lot like him.
I really like that acoustic riff, it sounds really good. The double vocal tracks sound good too.
If you're going to change this at all, the only thing I'd recommend is maybe making it a bit longer. Otherwise it's a very good country song

Also, like a couple people said before me, maybe try doing some harmonies, that would be cool, and maybe try some variations on the guitar track if you like.
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I was digging the guitar part, great little riff.

Not really a huge fan of country, but I loved the story you were telling, and you've got a great voice for it.
Where has the time gone?
I believe I've already crit this song, but anyways...

This is one of the songs I'll actually pay attention to the lyrics, they're pretty good. The chords are good, and the vocals are nice too. I think it could use a little more to it though, like drums. Maybe a solo too, like a slide solo.

Thanks for the crit!