Hey everyone,

I am wondering what the best way to plug my guitar into my computer in order to record music. The way I do it now is by using the line-out from my amp and plug that into the mic jack of my computer. I wonder if this compromises quality, and if there is a better way.

Do I need a custom sound card? A pre-amp?

thanks in advance.
if u have a line out on ur amp, then ur all set. u just need a recording program like audacity or reaper, and ur done.

the only other way that might prove slightly better, is to mic ur amp cabinet and use a digital interface to ur computer.
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lineout from amp in mic input pc made my amp blew its fuses. never gnna try again
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i mic mine with a verry crappy mic and it works ok , well good enough for me which is for basic riff recording to send to other band members. but i use abelton live 8 as my recording programme and its fantastic
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if you have an analogue input on your sound card and recording software, i think that will work. Don't take it from me though, I'm no expert.
I recorded Breathe on my profile that way, but now I use an interface from Guitar Rig.
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