Hey everyone,

I am wondering what the best way to plug my guitar into my computer in order to record music. The way I do it now is by using the line-out from my amp and plug that into the mic jack of my computer. I wonder if this compromises quality, and if there is a better way.

Do I need a custom sound card? A pre-amp?

thanks in advance.
You need an external soundcard, or "interface" for starters. There are 3 main ways to record:

Mic the amp. Unfortunately you need a mic and an interface that has a mic preamp. Not the cheapest, but the best option.

Line out of the amp into the interface. Haven't done this before so can't say how good this is. Shouldn't be too bad.

Using an amp modeller, like a pocket pod OR using pc-based amp sim software. You'll need a good pc to run the software, and you won't get the sound of *your amp* if it's a good one (although if it's crap then your sound will improve).

Dunno what your budget is. The line out method only needs an interface, you can pick a Behringer UCA202 (really good value for money) for very cheap. Mics etc, you can keep buying and never be happy. Amp sims, ditto.
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Being a computer engineer by trade this one is right up my alley.

Most of the statements above will work.

You can purchase external usb devices to connect your pc to your guitar directly.
You can also use the headphones line out on your amp. Get a 2 dollar converter that reduces your headphone jack out to a 3.5mm standard PC audio jack then get a double ended male 3.5mm audio cable and run it from your amp the the Blue line connector on your PC or sound card.
It should record your audio. It will take some tweaking in windows to get it to use the line in to record. Also it records only, no effects, no amp sims.

I recommend however investing right off in one of the following. You will be much happier with the results.




There are many manufacturers out there and retailers. I by no means am endorsing Guitar Center, they are just easy to search and get links with images.

You get the idea. Hope I helped.