if you just fix up some timing issues here and there till sound badass man. sweet riffs and such.
hey that is sounding awesome! if you put some bass and drums with it, it would be epic! I can also see that in a cool funky rock song. way to go dude, top stuff!
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Thanks for the reply's I hope to work on it some more and make it a full song
nice playing/solo. drums would fix any timing issues there may be. although i dident even notice any. good tone. thats the start of something great. cant wait to hear it when its done.

i also listend to in youre arms. it was a cool track. not a fan of the singing, although its not bad. it reminded me of the velvet underground. again nice playing though. i think youre new one when done will be allot better though. nice job.

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It actually has drums but they came out to quiet.

That will be something to fix later.