Ok, so i saw a thread on here and most of the discussion was about Berklee, and it got me thinking about college and which one is right for me. I live in Colorado and my house isn't far from UNC, which has one of the best jazz music programs in the country, and I've been thinking im going there for a while now, but I know that it wouldn't benefit me nearly as much as an all music school would. let me tell you a little about myself so you can help me with this:

Im a Junior this year, and i've been playing music for 6 years now. I started out playing saxophone in 6th grade and i consider it my main instrument as i am much much much better at it than i am on guitar. i never have been challenged by any piece of music i've had to play on my saxophone in band so i've had to look for more challenging pieces on my own (mostly charlie parker and john coltrane stuff) and i consider myself an exceptionally good sight reader on my sax. I love playing jazz music on my sax and some on guitar although its more difficult. i love composing music and writing lyrics w/ chords to play songs on my guitar. i've been playing guitar for 2 1/2 years now, so im not good at it compared to sax, but i can hold my own and play enough to be satisfied and have fun playing it, which is all i really want from playing guitar. i've learned how to play a couple other instruments just to further my learning, too, so now i play sax, guitar, drum set and snare in drumline, clarinet, bass guitar, and i know how to play piano but it doesnt really interest me so i rarely practice it. my goal in life is to play sax at shows for a living and substitute teach music at schools, thats what one of my good friends/substitute teachers does. he is incredible at playing music, and he substitute teaches in the school district im in occasionally when he doesnt get gigs just so he can pay the bills. since i've known him since 6th grade we've become good friends and he's offered to give me private lessons at 1/3rd the price he charges for others, which i am taking advantage of starting next month.

So like I said, UNC is just around the corner and is a great school for jazz music which is what id be playing on my sax, but i know that there are better schools. i plan on applying to as many as i can but i really dont know how much tuition for any of the really good schools would cost me, and what schools would best prepare me for a career in music. any ideas?

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Northern Colorado, right? I don't think I've ever seen UNC used to refer to anything other than those dirty Tarheels. Anywho!

Please read the comments here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1182960

Additionally, why do you want a music degree? What do you want to do with said degree? How would it help you? How would it help you more than having a degree in (for example) history, psychology, or math? Fortunately, you don't have to answer these questions for a while; in fact, the next year and a half is when you're supposed to think about those ideas and then have some kind of decision in 18 months, not right now.
do what you want to do....

research the places you are interested in....

test out of what you can..... (they have test that are like 5 questions and only cost 50-100 bucks to take that they don't want you to know about ....all colleges do this)

When you do go to college don't take anything starting with a 2 or a 0 :P

more importantly don't run your ass into debt.....

sounds like you want to be a high school music teacher of what you are learning... . not a sub that makes 50 bucks and then the gov. take out taxes on the 50 bucks..... so its not really 50 bucks....