I'm still stuck with my old amp (Peavey, Audition 20) and I would like to get something better for $300 or under. And if it matters, I have a Silvertone SS-11/BK.

I don't know how much it is, but I like the b-52 at112 tube combo. I think it may be like 499 so maybe look used? Also, genres and desired tone would help
blackstar ht-5 is a good little tube amp that is about $400 new but you should be able to get a good used one
bedroom levels for blackstar, dont know about anything that can gig in ur range unless u mic it
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Super Champ XD, $299 new...
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Super Champ XD, $299 new...
+1 for the SCXD. Plus GC has a 10% off coupon now.