Eww Ginger
Seriously. This kid needs a couple well placed smacks across the face. "I can rawk out, see *plays Nickleback"

Since when is listening to Nickleback "rocking out"?
dear god...


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LOLjk guise, im not real.

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I don't want to go into detail but it involves my girlfriend, a condom and 10 seconds.

If anyone sigs that I shall be most irritated
Why do ugly people need to be seen.
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Chrisnw22 just struck it dead on, and in doing so offended said people. lol wtg bro :-)

Night Of The Pear II - August 7th/8th 2009
I'm scared to click.
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I tremble before your enormous penis.
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and i farted, it was really stink
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Led Pepplin, you are god because of this thread.
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Why do ugly people need to be seen.

I like this because it's not even a question.

It's like a demand.