hello, I was just wondering if anyone could give me some simple metal riff tabs?
I wanna know what bands have some good heavy riffs that arent to hard or easy
into the void and black sabbath by black sabbath are really simple and heavy
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into the void and black sabbath by black sabbath are really simple and heavy


Anything Sabbath
Metallica have some easy enough riffs

Otherwise stuff like Avenged, Seether, Pantera, especially if you're into drop D
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Sabbath and A7X. A7X has alot of confusing stuff but songs like Afterlife are pretty easy. It's mainly just power chords in drop d (i'm not sure what its officially called) while palm muting and not palm muting
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I wouldnt call A7X's new sound all too heavy...
Try their older albums if you want to play their stuff.

Otherwise maybe try some Sixpounder by Children of Bodom, Megadeth too
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honsetly man, even if you dont like the style try playnig System of a Down riffs

they are heavy, rythmic and simple
Breaking the Law by Judas Priest- great intro riff- both catchy and easy!

Work on your modes- build up speed with em and you can play what ever your dark lil heart desires!

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