I'm searching for a cab for my Mesa Boogie Mark IV, and I'm pretty sure I want V30s.

I have played my head on a Recto Cab, and really want a 4x12 recto cab for it.

Here is my question, what is the difference in sound on a different cab with V30s in it? I know the construction material plays a role, but how huge it is?

I can get a Fender Supersonic 4x12 cab with V30s in it for less than half the price of a Recto cab with V30s in it, both new.

If I can get the same sound for less, well maybe. Just interested to hear your thoughts on it.

My genre of choice is metal, if that makes a difference.
You looked into avatar / vader cabs?
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Spot on, JWZ28, spot on.

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I have heard good things about Vader, not looked into avatar yet.

But I still have the same question:

What is the difference in the different cabs with the same V30s? Is it just the type of wood the cab is constructed out of?
Cab construction plays a huge role in tone.

Different woods offer different tonal properties in the aspects of resonance, bass response, etc.

Also, cab size plays a role in tone as well. A larger size cab (normally referred to as "oversized") will have a deeper, tighter bass response whereas a smaller cab will sound punchier. Closed back cabs will also provide more bass response opposed to open back cabs.
yea ive always wondered this too, like am i just paying for the name if both cabs are loaded with V30s...like a marshall cab and a link 6 cab both loaded wtih V30s
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