I'm wiring up what was a MIM Strat with 3 single coil pickups, to essentially an HSS Strat with the S-1 switch.

I'm down to the last couple of wires but I'm confused as to how they connect to the S-1 pot. I've been following this wiring diagram on Seymour Duncan's website...


But their picture of the push/pull pot is slightly different. Can someone tell me where I connect the red & white wires to the S-1, and where to connect that little jumper to ground?

Picture of the bottom of the S-1 pot... (sorry for blurry pic)


Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
Ok, this is all I can find.


That 5-way switch is way more complex than what I have. Is there any way to use the 5-way I have and just have the S-1 switch switch the humbucker to and from single coil mode? Am I gonna fry the pickup if I just pick one of the lugs on the S-1 and hook the wires up and see what it does?
You don't have to worry about frying pickups.

Ott, I can't help you right now. My crap internet is giving me more **** than usual so I can't download that PDF. I'll get it asap, though.
Well, that's good. I guess that makes sense now that I think about it.

I ran a jumper from lug #1 on that pdf to my ground point on the pot, and connected the red and white wires to lug #5. The guitar works but I don't think the push/push is doing anything. I may just have a local guitar builder fix it up, my soldering iron doesn't get hot enough and I made some crappy solder joints.