A major scale = B minor pentatonic.... Right?

Im listening to Under the bridge by RHCP.. The song starts off in D major and the verse is in E major. The outro chords are A major, A minor, G6, Fm7. So the outro is in A major since its the first chord thats being played.. I was messing around and wanted to improvise over the outro. Using the B minor pentatonic sounded terrible.. By ear I came to the conclusion that A minor pentatonic was the right scale to improvise with..

Can someone explain why A minor pents worked over these chords? I dont even know if Im right, maybe my mind is playing tricks on me.. Im self taught so my knowledge about music theory is limited. So bare with me.

I have the same "issue" with Californication. The two first chords are A minor and F major.. And A minor pents sounds right over those chords as well.

Im new to the forum btw! Hello everyone
You, sir, are in the wrong place. Go to Musician Talk. Your question will be answered there quite thoroughly. Welcome, BTW. This is a great place for musicians of any kind.
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