Username: coolbeans777
Instruments: Guitar
Style: Metal/Hard Rock/Metalcore
Recommended Scale: F Minor

I already wrote the progression I just need to record it, and I put 3 different genres because I don't know which one it is.

Also, I have no idea where I'm supposed to submit these.
I not really trying to learn to play the blues as much as I am trying to hear the notes and improv. with some backing tracks, I downloaded some BT in different keys and would like to play over them, but am a little confused on what scales to use. I know a couple of different scales and was wondering if the BT is in the key of say G if I run a scale with a G root note would that be the correct ...
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I'd like to contribute, but idk how or where to post. I can play funk/blues a little bit of jazz (nothing too fast), some basic metal. I can do the crazy chord work, but cant really solo too well on jazz progs...

I dont have programmable drums atm, but can do bass/guitars.
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So half of the people in this thread (excluding me) are banned.
I'd contribute if I finally got off my lazy ass... I'll get back later.
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I started my own little project with the link in my sig. I did it mainly to keep myself busy, and it's not the most high quality stuff (mostly I reckon there will be hasty synthesizer use) but I figured I may as well post it.

Edit: It's not in my sig anymore: http://www.youtube.com/user/DanDocBackingTracks?feature=mhee
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i think i should thank you very much for you can waste lot of time to write this post .....thank you again for your sharing..

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how do i start working with metronome? is there any videos that i can see.

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