Hey Everyone!!

Ok, so the OLP JP is on sale for $250 flat NIB. Lately I've been wanting a EBMM JP but will never be able to afford it(since I'm only 14) so I heard the alternative was the OLP. Should I go for it? is it junk? is it a good guitar? What should I do?

If I do get it, I am planning to swap the p-ups for either a DiMarzio Steve's Special for the bridge or a DiMarzio D-Sonic(bridge) & a DiMarzio Air Norton in the neck. As for the trem, I know it is a floating trem with no locking. What tuners do you guys recommend I get for "Locking Tuners", because I am a pretty whammy crazy kind of guy!! LOL

Any help will be much appreciated, thank you,

OLP as far as I've delved into the line are always fairly great guitars for the money, my friend had and regularly gigged a Wolfgang of theirs - great instrument.

You should go give one a try first, see how the neck and shape is for you.
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Probably an honest review:
I'm not big on people who just trash stuff just to sound cool, so this is from my heart. I have a "real" MM petrucci, and wanted to try one of these so maybe my expectation were off, but the guitar was just not good. My biggest problem was intonation. (using a precision tuner)Between frets, the pitch would go from open E in tune, to F (way flat), then to F# (Way Sharp). This was just a big disappointment. But I understand that I might have been expecting too much. I have other guitars in this price range that play MUCH better than this guitar. I'm my opinion, this is at best a beginner guitar.

You could have done all this yourself though, luckily you made me curious
I guess you get what you pay for with this guitar.