It's been a while since I fully finished a song, and the wait is worth it believe me. With this song I combined a lot of what was found in my previous works with the "gamer metal" and added elements of modern day Metalcore (the references to Bullet for My Valentine should be obvious). Though i would recommend listening to it via MIDI, the RSM mixing for this song should be sufficient as well. Please let me know what everyone thinks, and if something should be changed or not. C4C as always!
The Justified Bullet.zip
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^Those are both incredibly constructive and helpful replies

Crit coming TS


I like the first 4 bars, but the E chord at 5 was a little too forced. Sounded better the second time now that my ears were used to it. The distorted lead after that part was a little weird. Sounded much better when the drums started going. I like the riff at 44. Man, for some reason, this just feels so empty. I dont know what it is. 70 is a great section. It finally has a full sound. Well done. The lead at the Dark Side was great. My favorite riff/phrase of the whole song. By the time 134 rolls around I'm getting a little tired of this chord progression. I suggest you either change keys, or find a new progression. Solo was also really good except for bar 161. Way too many out of key notes. The section after the solo is beautiful. This second solo is much better. There are some odd notes here and there, but overall it's good. In the outro, the bass was a little too dissonant with the guitar parts. If you're going for a mellow mood, lose the dissonance. The final set of chords were an 'ok' ending. Nothing fantastic.

Overall it was an enjoyable song. Nice work.

C4C? Since I haven't posted anything too recently, i'll just link to all of my songs I have on here. Please choose at random.

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as i listen
like the intro, a lot of atmosphere and tension you build up there.

the guitar riffs are okay, but your sound really sux, at first I thight it would be a keyboard.

After a while I heard the beginning chord progression a bit too much, although it sounds cool.

the chord at bar 153 is just terrible, it's too generic and makes it sound like a cheesy pop song.

The Solo is nice and has a nice feel to it.

The two string ensemble chords at bars 196 and 197 are terrible, the first one is way too much dissonant and the change of mood the second one creates is too drastic.

The outro is good, I like how everything falls down.

Overall I can see a lot of work went in there and I acknowledge that, but sometimes you worked a bit too much if you know what I mean. Your song has a great feeling and I suppose it's hard to write something like that, but I wouldnt really listen to music like this and thus I cant really rate it.

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