so i convinced my teacher to let me use electric guitar in her class and now in need for a good small and cheap amp. Anyone have any suggestion? I am looking to spend less than 100 American dollars
Peavey Vypyr 15?
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try to get a really low watt valve amp
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Raven RG20. i was skeptical til i bought one. now i have an RG60 as well.
I say Raven RG20 too. Not because I have one (im growing out of it fast) but it fits your budget, its 20 watts, has decent cleans, and works good with pedals. Which is good, because the distortion is very weak.
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Man, I could go for a 7 right now...
For $100, or maybe slightly more:

1. Roland Micro Cube - Maybe the most obvious choice in a good, highly portable amp.

2. Peavy Vypyr 15 - I own one and like it. Extremely versatile. The largest and heaviest amp listed here, and the only one that won't run on batteries. A fine bedroom amp, but I would argue it's not the best choice for taking to class.

In the $50-75 price range:

1. Pignose 7-100 - Good quality, highly portable, and just quirky enough to really appeal to some people.

Dirt cheap (<$25) -

1. Danelectro N10 HoneyTone Amp - Can be picked up at Guitar Center for $20. Very small and lightweight (can be worn clipped to your belt). Decent sound, and a retro look that may appeal to some. But honestly, I'm not sure it would measure up in terms of being used for formal guitar instruction.

My pick for your stated needs would be the Micro Cube. A not-too-close second choice would be the Pignose.

I would add that used, excellent condition Roland Micro Cubes can be found pretty easily on craigslist. The Pignose isn't nearly as common.
I second the Roland Micro Cube. Great tone for a solid state, and loud as hell for a 2-watt. Batteries last forever, too.
thank your all for the suggestions. I'll look around CL to see what work best for me