I recently got a valve multi effect pedal digitech rp7. I left for the weekend and just came back and plugged it in and it is making a horrible loud buzzy crappy distortion. when any distortion is activated. the distortions come from the tube pre amp. it sounds much different than it did before. is this an indication of the tube being blown? it is still lighting up. or what else could it be?
I did a little research on your effect. If you set the pedal to one of your digital distortion models and you still have the buzz, it's not the tube. The digital models take the tube out of the circuit.

Have you tried it with different cables?
I have one of those and I love it.

Do only the SS distortions give you the problems? The SS distortions are pretty crap anyway. You may need a new tube. Ott, Idk what to tell you.
Yea I tried some different cables still does it, only seems to do it when the preamp is on, I didn't get a chance to thoroughly check whether the ones crapping are SS or tube simply because idk which ones are which without consulting the manual just yet.(only had it for 2 weeks. SUPER PISSED if its dead).

anyways, going to local shop to get a new tube after work. hope it works. Its a great pedal and at $75 usd used, fantastic for a garage rocker like me.
CLn1, CLn2, bLuE, and SAt are the tube settings. everything else is SS. (I typed them like that because that's how they are displayed on the unit).

*Clean 1 is a warm tube clean.
*Clean 2 is a bright tube clean.
*Blues is a bluesy tube overdrive that can also be used for 70s hard rock at higher gains (i use it for Bon-era AC/DC).
*Sat is a saturated tube distortion. With careful EQ settings, you can get everything from hard 80s rock to modern death metal.
So.... I replaced the tube and no change... then I swapped the amp AND SURVEY SAYS..... I have a damaged amp, and my pedals fine... sucks but id rather loose the amp than the pedal