So I found this amp on CL today, and looking at a few reviews, the amp looks like it would be a steal for $250. Anybody have any knowledge of this amp? I would love all feedback good or bad on it, if you own one or if you know somebody who owns one, everything helps.


Is this a tube amp? Still a noob to amps here =p
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Yes, $250 is a good deal on them, but they need a bit of 'work' to really sound good. Namely, a tube swap, speaker swap and EQ in the loop.

The cleans are pretty good, stock, though.
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I own the 212 version of the Valveking and it is AMAZING! I really love the tone of it. It's very bassy sounding and has lots of gain. If bass and lots of gain on the clean channel aren't your thing I would suggest getting a fender instead of a Peavey.
i played one in the local music store, can't say i liked it...

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Peavy Tweed classic 2x12 is a way better amplifier. I have used both, and own the Classic right now. The amp is louder than hell, has amazing cleans, and can get as dirty as you want it. When I play out I borrow my buddies marshall 4x12 cabinet and run it off of the Peavy, it sounds ridiculous.
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I have one and it's pretty sweet, got good distortion and better cleans. I like the bright switch on the clean channel and gain boost on the lead. I'd say good for whatever genre but play it yourself and decide.