Mayhem fest in Philly was a week ago but Im board and have to take a poop.
So when your at a Slayer concert is it customary to yell SLAYYERRRRRRR!!!!!!!! or or if some one else yells SLAYYERRRRRR!!!!!!!!! you have to yell quickly SLAYYYEERRRRR!!!!!! folowed by three other guys. At some point during the day I started yelling SPONNGGEEBOBBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Idk...Ill be back in half an hour I have to poop.
Jake? You did go?!


And yeah, seriously, every time somebody in a slayer shirt walked by somebody would be like "SLLLAAAAYYYEERERR!"
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Slayer who?

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Typical Slayer fan, huh.

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Yes thats extremely normal for slayer. Look at the quotes for the bands in the little revolver book thing for Mayhem if you picked one up. One bands quote is about if you are taking a piss in the bathroom at a slayer concert, the guy next to you will yell Slayer in your ear. Then everyone will follow and thats what's a Slayer concerts about.

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No, here in Washington we were more brutal than that

We started a second moshpit in the lawn seats during Slayer.

We did that for every band in CT
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I went to Mindless Self Indulgence and between each opening act there was a guy yelling SLLLLAAAAAAAAAAYEEEEEERRRR!!!

It's kind of like Free Bird.
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Jake? You did go?!


And yeah, seriously, every time somebody in a slayer shirt walked by somebody would be like "SLLLAAAAYYYEERERR!"

yeah I did go, Mike and every time I moshed even I would here SLAYERRRRRUUUERRRRR!!!!!!!
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well Im back from my poop.

and SLAYERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!$!$!$!!RRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

I'm pooping right now! Isn't cell phone technology great?
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I loled