its only audible to the person playing it

the guitar is an epiphone DR-100
check to make sure the string is sitting IN the nut, and not on top of it. the other thing would the the tuning pegs. that would be my guess, try holding the part the string goes through, and the part you turn to tune. i had a tuning peg on an old acoustic that would buzz to all hell, but only loud enough to annoy the living hell out of me, but not be heard otherwise
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On an electro-acoustic, I would first suspect an internal wire (or wire mount) has become "un-mounted" or shifted in position so it barely touches a wooden surface. Scope out the inside of the body with a flashlight and mirror to see if a wiring mount has come unglued or the wiring simply touches the inner body somewhere. The wiring will run between the pup (bridge), control panel in the upper bass bout and the jack, and often there are little stick-on anchors or mounts to dress the wires. Make sure to check the complete run of wiring.

Also check the output jack nut for to make sure it is snug. Esp if this is an integrated strap button + jack, as some designs are always working loose.

While it may sound as if coming from the lower bout, that can be deceptive. Check the tuning machine nuts (front of headstock around capstans), screws (rear) and tuning buttons for looseness. houston playground equipment Marco Island Florida waterfront vacation rental house Also a good idea to look for the errant string end that is lightly touching something on the headstock.

Change in humidity/temp can cause the neck to change slightly and result in a loose truss rod (not fret buzz). Rapping lightly on the back of the neck can reveal this. Check the truss rod nut to make sure it is not loose -- even give it a slight tighten (1/8 turn or less)

Unusual, but braces do occasionally come unglued, and this can cause buzzing, esp on bass notes. Carefully press on the top in various places to see if there's a change in the buzz.
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