Hey I have a couple of questions regarding a couple of different pedals. First, what exactly does a noise gate do? does it stop amp/pedal buzzing or does it stop excess string noise. also, im considering getting a compresser/sustainer so that my tapping and legato passages are just as loud as other passages, but i like having dynamics in my playing. is it worth it to get one for said purposes even at the expense of losing the dynamics of my playing.
It cuts out noise. It can cut out a little string noise, but only the really, really quiet string noises.

Erm, you can turn the compressor off. And, if you practice your technique, you may not even need the compressor.
Noise Gate gets rid of buzzing yes. And for the compressor it's up to you. I am planning on getting one for cleans. But i think you and I like two way different styles of music here.
Try the boss noise suppresor pedal....its really good at a decent price....also I'd work on the technique before I bought something to cover up something cause u will lose a lot of ur dynamics...but as someone else said u can always just turn it off! Lol
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