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Can I just use two Switchcraft Plugs instead of one Neutrik and one Switchcraft? Or is the Neutrik needed for the head/transformer part?

The Neutrik style is only necessary if you want it to perform the switching function.
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Can I just use two Switchcraft Plugs instead of one Neutrik and one Switchcraft? Or is the Neutrik needed for the head/transformer part?

You only need to use a Neutrik jack if you want Option A (a speaker-out jack which disconnects the internal speaker when a cab is connected.

Switchcraft jacks are fine if you want Option B (a jack for the amp section and a jack for the internal speaker which must be connected with a speaker cable in order to use the combo).

NOTE: I just added some instructions and pictures regarding Option A. I also rearranged things a bit to make it more streamlined because the first part is the same whether you choose Option A or B.
hmmm. could i use the headphone jack on my Fender 15G 15 watt instead of a Neutrik Jack cuz idk what that is....
I was thinking of doing this but I was just wondering if after I removed all the amplifier boards and stuf out of the amp, would I be able to cut the enclosure in half? This would mean I wouldn't have to buy a new enclosure.
This might sound odd, but when you've disconnected the speaker, why not just wire the cables to a jack, and use that as an output?

Like amp---(cables to old spekaker)---jack <----speaker cab
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I know I'm kinda revisiting an old topic, but...

First of all; did the exact same thing to the exact same amp as the original poster.

Second of all, and the real reason for my post:

I am currently doing half of what you've done to a JC120(converting it to a head) but I have an... "Issue". As the JC120 is a stereo amp, it has two speakers to convey the chorus and vibrato... What would be the best way to wire that? I know the obvious one is to have two outputjacks, but I kinda want to wire the stereo into mono, if that makes any sense? Just can't seem to get my head around if, and how, that would be possible.

Update: It seems like the amp I got is the older kind with two speaker-outputs already built in. However; from what I seem to understand they don't work unless the original speakers are plugged in? Anyone care to check the schematics and tell me if I'm all wrong? And if I'm right; how would one go about wiring it so they do work regardless of speakers attatched?
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just wondering is it possible so i can turn the 1x12 combo i have into a 4x12 combo? if so thats my plan cause i really need one
first off, i'm not very good with this kind of stuff, but i have a few questions because i'd like to try this with my amp, an Orange crush 15r. first, can the amp power a cabinet like a 2x10? and secondly, instead of buying another jack, can i just do something sneaky with the phones jack? any suggestions/insight is appreciated.
How many watts? 15? You probably could, just get the impedance correct. As for the headphone jack, you can disconnect the wires coming from that, and put them in parallel with the wires that are attached to the speaker. If you're keeping the stock speaker, I would highly recommend putting a toggle switch to switch between the stock speaker and the external output, (so that the stock speaker is completely out of the circuit when you're using the external jack) so you can avoid issues with impedance.
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alright, that makes sense. now, if i replaced the phones jack with a neutrick jack, would that void the need for the toggle switch? and yes, its 15 watts. is that enough to power a 2x10 (impedence matched of course)? i'd rather give this a shot instead of going out and buying an Orange head proper.
If you wire it up the way Cedric mentioned then yes, you would not need an extra switch. As for powering a 2x10 with it, you should be okay. The volume of your speakers is a lot more relative to sensitivity than actual watts being poured into it. If it's too quiet, it can always be mic'd up.
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Hey i was planning on doing the same thing to my Peavey vypyr 15. Actually the first way so that i can use an external cab and use the internal speaker when im not using an ext. cabinet.

So where do we get neutrik jacks? Any electrical shop?
So i have to connect the wire from the amp to the primary part of the jack and then ill have connect new wires from the speaker to the secondary part of the jack right?
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Necrobump - but I know this thread exists and it saves making a new one.

I have a Marshall Valvestate combo - 40 watts. Now, I'd like to split the speaker and amplifier into a head/1x12 cab situation because I have a Jet City JCA20h on the way

My speaker is rated at 16 ohms, would this then be the resistance rating of the new 1x12 cab? I have neutrik stereo jacks, should be okay for a mono speaker as long as I only use one side of the pins right?
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How would you do this with a 2 speaker combo amp?? i have a fender fm212 dsp and need it to connect to a Marshall 4x12 cab.
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I have a spider iv 120w 2x10 combo. If I want to do example A for both speakers, is there anything different I must do, or can I just wire each speaker to a separate 1/4 jack?
At the risk of sounding dumb, please ease my mind. I realize it has been confirmed a couple times in this thread that using a standard switchcraft jack will work, I just want to be sure on one thing. Is it okay to use a standard jack if I mount the amp out / speaker in directly to the metal amp housing? or would this cause any sort of electrical issue?
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