I don't know if my skin is made of acid or what, but i rust a new pair of strings after only like 5 hours of playing. I use d'addario 9's on my fender strat, and even after changing strings, they rust after only a few hours of playing. not rust to the point that they're unusable, but to the point that they lose some of their tone. I always wipe my strings down after playing and I just want to know if this is normal or can be fixed. I also sweat alot while playing if that matters.
Were you involved in something toxic in your past? Like walking past a chemical plant w/o cleaning yourself?
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I got a buddy who can only use Elixer's with the rust protection cause his house caught fire, and he saved his guitar but it was soaked through. And now when he uses any other strings they rust really bad.

I hope that isn't your problem.
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I was able to get about 6 months out of a set of Ernie Ball Super Slinkies (nickel or something like that) before they broke. I kept them and they haven't rusted. I've never really heard of guitar strings rusting before......
Yeah, you might want to try some coated strings like Elixers and see how they work out for you. The only problem is that they are pretty expensive. DRs tend to be pretty good too.
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If your fingers get sweaty this might happen. Get strings that are coated to protect from rust. Try different types of strings, like ernie ball, or DR string etc. until you find one that works good.
my band practices 3-5 times a week in this really hot room, and therefore i sweat a lot. i've started having the problem of strings beggining to become dull in less than a month. i recently bought some DR coated black beauties, and hopefully they should help when i put them on. elixirs, what my other guitarist uses, are the most common coated string brand. but yeah, try some coated strings and they should help a bit.

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I use d'addario 9's and I get a pretty good use out of them. With my playing ability (there are some worse and some better than I) I usually need a string change probably about every 3 months. Its been years since I've broken a string though. Thats why I keep buying these strings.
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but check the humidity where you store it that could be a problem too