Does anyone have a non-biased view on this amp? I really don't like reading the same review over and over. I only want to know a few things:

1) What range of distortion can this handle?

2) How bout the cleans?

3) I really want a classic rock sound. Is this the perfect amp for it?

4) How do pedals go with it?

5) If there is a better amp in the price range, please let me know.

This is like the third 'which amp' thread I've made, so I tried to keep this short and sweet.

Epiphone G-400
Roland Cube 30X
1. I found that with the gain pretty much maxed and the mids up you can get a nice marshall rock tone out of it, close to some early preist or iron maiden.

2. Cleans are excelent,

3. Amp does great for any genre of rock before heavy metal.

4. no experience with pedals, but im sure a boost pedal would go nicely.

5. Overall its a great amp, id say the only thing i would change is the stock speaker in the combo, of course if you have the head version you can pair it with any cabinent you like provided the ohms match up.

I personally was gonna get this amp to pair with a 6505+ and have all my genres and clean sounds covered, Then i played a JSX and everything changed.
I had the same problem when I was looking for an amp. I got the classic 30 and I never regretted it. The distortion is excellent, its perfect for classic rock and IMO it can get into metallica territory by itself, but classic rock is where it really excels. The cleans I really like as well. They're no fender, but they're the best you could expect from a non-clean-specialized amp. It takes pedals extremely well. I use it with a dunlop crybaby classic wah and an ibanez tubescreamer (which I highly recommend for this amp). I havent used the efx loop but from what I gather its just as good. In short I highly recommend it for a low budget tube amp, highly superior to other similar amps. Hope that helped
it is best for blues and classic or alternative rock. i get good distortion out of it with a crappy strat copy. and with an ibanez i can get some metallica type sounds. it can do heavy rock with the right guitar.
the cleans are great.
and im still using the stock tubes.
when you put better tubes in it it will probably sound even better.
Great amp for the price, but can sound a little thin and characterless at higher volumes.

Just my opinion.
i really like mine, though i never really use it anymore. i dont play metal so ive never really maxed the gain or anything, but it does have a very nice crunch. most people say it can get to old school metal with the gain maxed, but thats not really what its made for. just kinda an added little bit for when you dabble in that. if you play mostly classic rock, this amp will work well.

i like the cleans. i actually picked the C30 over a couple fenders, and the cleans were one reason. really not the same type of cleans as the blues junior that was my main competitor, but i liked them partly because they werent as american sounding.

i think the thing takes pedals well. the effects loop has always done well for me. i kinda wish it had a level knob or something, but oh well.

overall, i like the amp. its not as good a deal as when i bought it (its now $200 more) but its still a good first tube amp. or at least your first one with gigging power if you are stepping up from a 5 watter. reverb isnt the best, but it gets things done. i dont regret buying it at all, even though i dont really use it anymore. and i really just cant bring myself to sell it because it is a good amp and i like the sound.

as for better things in the price range, well i would say it is a bit more versitile than most of the other stuff in that range. you can get some very nice amps that are only good at one sound, but the C30 can do cleans, crunch and some heavier rock. so sure there are better amps, but i personally feel like most of them are better at one sound instead of being good at a couple.
1) What range of distortion can this handle?

From dirty blues to Metallica, it "has" enough gain for modern metal, but most won't like it's tone for it unless you're using an overdrive on the distortion channel (it doesn't have the saturation a "metal" amp does.

2) How bout the cleans?

I really liked the cleans on mine, they're not particular spectacular, but you'd have to spend quite a bit for those

3) I really want a classic rock sound. Is this the perfect amp for it?

Classic Rock/Blues is what it does best. It will sound awesome if thats what you're after.

4) How do pedals go with it?

Only pedal I used with mine was overdrive, as I don't use effects. I'd imagine it works well with them though.

5) Is there is a better amp in the price range?

For what you want, there's only one that I'd consider a contender, a used Laney AOR. There's a few Fenders that some may prefer the tone of (Blues Junior), but they're just not my cup of tea
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