Anyone know of some cool ones? I have some, just looking for more. Kinda in the Rondo Alla Turka area with lead guitar parts and an instantly recognizable melody. Thanks.
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why not play just classical songs on the electric? you dont need songs made for the electric for them to sound good on the electric. heck you could find scores to most classical songs and arrange them for a couple/few guitars.

but other than that, i think pachelbel's cannon in D was one of the songs that gets translated over to electric guitar quite often. and ive got a cool version of ode to joy (more than just the simple melody) somewhere that sounds pretty cool and is really easy.
As jof1029 said, I know a sweeping version of cannon in D.

I like that and Blackbird by The Beatles.

Also, if you wanna get a bit newer and more hated, Stairway.

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I know it's over played, but it's fun, and a good way to learn fingerpicking.
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