Not sure where else to put this, but I think this would be a place to get some good answers.

Along with recording guitar, I like to mix songs and do beats... all that (Kind of like Ratatat ) I like to use Reason, mainly because it's the best thing I have for drums and I'm used to it. I need a keyboard that can get the job done and works pretty well.

Who can suggest me a cheap, but decent quality keyboard? Also, what would I need to hook it up? At school there's a MIDI thru or something, not sure I haven't been there in a while :P. Anyways, would I be able to plug it in via USB? I don't want to spend a lot, because my keyboard skills aren't that great and I'd rather invest in pedals and whatnot.

edit: after looking at it more, I'm not sure this is a good place to ask, but not sure where else to post. Please don't flame, just say where it should be or move it for me. Thanks.
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You could get a MIDI controller. Obviously they all have MIDI out to any MIDI device. To hook it up to your computer, you need a MIDI interface, which can go for pretty cheap if you choose a basic model. Some MIDI controlers have built-in USB, so that makes it even easier to hook up to your computer. You can then download many keyboard softwares and play on your computer. Native Instruments make some great VSTs, you should check them out.

MIDI controllers won't have built-in sounds into them, that's why they go for a pretty cheap price. E-Mu, Novation, Edirol all make good products. If you're looking for a keyboard with built-in sounds, then it's a whole other story... it gets a bit more complicated.

First I'd stay away from Behringer, they have good products but it's really hit or miss with them. M-Audio is a good company, but this particular model doesn't have any MIDI out, so that cuts down on versatility. I don't know CME as a company, but the product looks nice and has good features.
Thanks for your help. I looked at the M-Audio one a little more closely, and it looks like it's not Mac compatible, or at least it's not listed. Plus I think you're paying for the software too which I neither need nor want. The CMEM-Key seems like it's the perfect basic keyboard. The only thing I'm concerned with is how long it is, but it should be fine.
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