There aren't NEW but they're new for me. I actually got these a month ago on craigslist but didnt have the time (mcats)/ and was lazy to post. Sorry for some of the sideways pictures.

First, got a JG-260CE acoustic electric for $50. It had no tuners so i bought a set for $12 and set this up. But a string broke and I haven't had time to head to guitar center yet. There are a lot of dings but I like the finish. I sanded down the saddles a bit and adjusted the truss so it will be playing very nicely when I'm done. However, I think i need to do some fretwork, so I'll be buying a crowning file sometime soon. I've never done it before, so this will be the guitar I learn how to do fretwork on.

Next is an ibanez rg220b i got for $50. It has a couple scratches, but largely its in fine condition. Except that there was no input jack, so i bought one for $7 and soldered it in. There has been hardly any fretwear and it plays like a dream after I adjusted the truss rod and set up the trem (my first time setting up a floating trem).

Group shot! the black one is my RG321MH

I just got a Photobucket account and loaded some pics and tried to attach them, but it is a no-go. I also just spent a LONG time trying to find the area that teaches you how to post pics on this site, another no-go...

They modded and added a third pot between the 2 existing. I know that the 5 way switch looks like it has probably 5 different capacitors for 5 different tonal ranges (always wanted to have one!)

But what is that little yellow unit on top of the stacked pot EXACTLY for? Does it have something to do with a Roland GK2 unit or not?

Unfortunately, the trem arm for the LO TRS was nowhere to be found. I have an arm that fits the thread, but is not a bit fatter after the thread, so there is a bit too much play on it, so it looks like it's $20 at Ibanez Rules for me...

Anybody know what the S2 single pickup is? I thought that the Ibanez S2 had much smaller writing on it...
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