i have a fender strat, my amp is a fender G-Dec, (not saying im all fender, just happen to have fender amp and guitar, fender is awesome anyways so watever)

im thinking of a digitech Metal Master, maybe a Boss ML-2 Metal core, or Mt-2 metal zone, and of course the Metal Muff. what is the best to get even though my amp has effects in it?
You Did Decide!!
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take your amp to the store and try a few out, its all personal preference although i love my metal muff
Digitech Hardwire Metal Distortion.
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The Metalcore sounds way better then the Metalzone. Never tried the Metal Muff though.
Metal muff all the way, out of all the pedals out there it has the best sound and options, although if you are looking into a good metal amp check out blackstar, I've heard some amazing things about them and plan on getting one of their amps soon.