Hey guys,

Recently I've been given a squire bullet and that got me thinking about trying out different brands. So anyway I'm looking for a low-end Ibanez just to try them out

Do you guys have any ideas

I'm thinking like 200-300 dollar range
This works for almost any situation....

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If you're willing to buy one second hand, based on personal experience, I'd try and find an RG4ex1. They sell for about $450 new. But I sold mine a few months back for $300. I saw a few others going around for that price. I never even swapped the stock infinity pickups out because I thought for stock pickups they were great. They were 1000x better than the stock pickups I got on my $1000 Prestige RG. I didnt even play the guitar until I got them switched out.

But the RG4ex1 had an edge III tremelo, which isnt fantastic, but if youre not crazy about the whammy bar usage, it will do just fine.
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couple years ago i got a grx20 i think it is. its a very good guitar, especially considering the price. i dont ever use the whammy though, it always goes out of tune, but other than that the guitar is very nice, better than any other $200 guitar ive played. i like it more than many $400-500 guitars, too, it has a very nice neck and the pickups can give you a pretty good tone.

now they do make a similar guitar with 24 frets and i think the whammy is slightly better, i would buy that instead but they are basically the same guitar. i am very happy i bought it, have played it countless hours. i would say it was probably about the best $200 ive spent.

the rg 350 dx is also a very nice guitar, from my experience, most of the ibanez (double cutaway) guitars are a very good value, as you more often than not get higher quality than you pay for.
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I can't tell apart which Ibanez is which if my life depended on it. But low-end models are play surprisingly well for the cheap price tag. The ART100 is pretty good I think you should try it out.
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or you could click on google click on shopping type in ibanez then limit your budget at the bottom of the page (you don`t have to buy from any of the retailers listed but it`ll give you the best list of options)
I have a GRX40. It's fairly decent and the clean tone is quite nice, but because I screwed around with the otherwise low and excellent action (in my younger days, I had the notion that raising its action myself would make it harder to play and thus assist in my improvement, but now it's perpetually out of tune), it's a bit stuffed now. That was my fault, though, and other than that, it seems alright. The humbucker actually seems slightly noisier than the single-coil pick-ups, but I'm not sure if that's been due to the amps I've played through.

However, I've used it in a few stage performances before (nothing major or fame-attracting, though) and it's held up extremely reliably. It's my first and only electric guitar so far, though, and it came with one of the worst amps I've ever played through, so if you're an intermediate or higher player seeking a back-up guitar, you should probably set your sights slightly higher. I've heard mainly pleasant things about the RG series, so that could be something to look into. Other than that, SAs are fantastic. The Joe Satriani signature series is way out of what the range of you're looking for, but it's brilliant to play.

Perhaps this isn't the best example, but it's the only case I can find at the moment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqD5ODcqmxY is a link to a university stage production I was in the band for last year. The clean guitar tone is that of my Ibanez GRX40 played through some amp whose model build I've forgotten. It may well have been a 60W Marshall JCM!