okay, this might not be one of the best ideas i've ever had but boredom leads to such things.

i've got a hagstom d2h that still has the stock humbuckers on it. i have a duncan invader that has been sitting in my desk drawer which i intend to put on the hagstrom in the bridge position but i also came across 2 duncan little '59s in the drawer which gave me this ridiculous idea to put the 2 of them in the neck position side-by-side as some sort of dual humbucker. the only problem of course is that i dont want to add any additional pots to the guitar since i'm quite happy with just a single volume and tone knob, plus i'd rather not dig my router out from storage to make the electronics cavity bigger since space is limited in it.

i was thinking of swapping out the selector switch for a rotary switch (dp4t) for some pickup configs in addition to one of the pots being push/pull and adding 3 switches, 2 for either series/parallel or phase and one for... well i dont really know yet.

basically what i'm asking is if it was you, and you had 3 humbuckers, a dp4t rotary switch, 3 dpdt switches, 1 push/pull pot and 1 regular pot what would you do wiring-wise (edit: basically the contents of my junk drawer). not really looking for a wiring diagram (which is why i didn't post in that thread) but rather just ideas since i've got 4 days off from work and need something to do with my time besides drinking scotch.

and dont say a killswitch since they are nowhere near as useful as some people tend to think they are.
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I have the Guitar Fetish lil-killer rails, which are 4 conductor rail style humbuckers for my stat, so basically 3 humbuckers. I used a DPDT on-on-on switches which aren't the same as normal DPDT switches, but if yours are on-on-on then I did a parallel/series/coil split for each pickup. Then I wired my middle pickup out of phase. Then I wired my normal 5-way to be bridge, bridge + neck, neck, middle and neck out of phase and middle (out of phase on its own, but doesn't sound any different, only with the neck pickup do I get the squeaky squealy out of phase tone.) I also added a killswitch in place of one of my tone knobs.

I'm quite happy with the different configurations and sounds I can get. If your DPDT switches aren't on-on-on then you can't do the coil tap, but you could use the push-pull to switch all your pickups to single coil mode if they are 4-wire humbuckers and use the DPDT switches for a series/paralell switch. I'm not sure what options are available on a dp4t rotary switch, so I can't comment there.
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There are plenty of misc random diagrams in one of the posts on the front page of the wiring thread.

yeah i know but i'm kinda working with just what parts i have on hand. and i'm not really looking for a diagram, just some ideas with the part limitations i presented. but i do get your point although usually i just refer to les schatten's book of wiring diagrams when i require one. anyway it's a moot point. i already decided on using the 2p4t as b/bm/mn/n, 3 dpdts as series/parallel, and the push/pull is still undecided. probably just use it for switching tone caps or something. it's either that or route the electronics cavity and use the sustainer circuit i'm saving for my strat in there since i'd be able to keep both the sustainer and the mini hb in the neck position and have the best of both worlds.