How do Fender Twin amps do with distortion pedals? I've never heard any pedals through a twin.
That amp should take any pedal you have really well
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That's really gonna depend on the distortion pedal you use and the sound you're after.
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with a clean sound like that, if you have a good distortion pedal it should take it well. i mean its not going to make a metal zone sound like the bee's knees, itll still sound like just plain old bees. but if you get a nice pedal that has good tone on its own, it should take it well.
What kind of sound are u looking for? If going for a super heavy sound maybe trade it for something that has more gain then u can go heavier with a pedal if u need to....but fender twins are amazing amps....woooo!!
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Well I don't own one, and I'm not exactly planning on owning one anytime soon, as they're a bit pricey for me. A friend of mine has one and I play around on it whenever I'm over at his place and I just got to wondering if they took pedals well. I might get one in the future, because I love the sound, and I don't really play any high-gain metal or anything. But thank you all for the info.