this is kind of a rap/weird song, i really can't put how I would perform this song but when I was writing it I had in mind eminem's song "the way I am" and kinda went with that rhythm any comments are appreciated but I think this is absolute rubbish so anything said won't hurt my feelings. Thanks in advance!

alright listin, while you sittin b-in(not sure if we can post swearing on these forums or not) wishin I was someone else
know its okay to not say that you cant get out.
im sorry
im not
the greatest
but i cant
care for you
cuz you cant
care for me
and I go

Dont wait up baby, cuz i wont be home
i been tired lately, and i need some room
dont try to save me cuz i wont be home
im so sick of you, B, i need some room

(verse 2 a little bit of a change in rhythm)
you beg and say sorry
you cry and say please
you will say you will stop
i say that you tease
you say that its over
i think i agree
you say that you love me
i say B just leave

I used to be the guy that you could find nobody brighter
i used to try to be somebodys knight in shinin armor
but hes gone
hes insane
his S drained
a new page
look out
all you Bs
the dark knight
I am here
im tired of nonsense
im tired of BS
i hate to be Fd cuz i keep my Fin balls in
you can say you dont like it
you can say i am mean
you can say what B
but i say B leave

(chorus 2x then fade)

like I said, I think it sucks major donkey scrotum and I'm white as all getout so yeah... any feedback is appreciated though