Welcome to the site man
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Welcomeee. If you have a band you would like to promote, plz go 2 PROMOTE your band thread okie dokie.

I'm like the only person who cares on UG users music lol.
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Hey! Welcome to UG!

First of all, we have a thread for new members to introduce themselves, you should maybe post there instead of in your own separate thread: Introduce yourself!

After that, feel free to explore the site, but be sure to check out the New Members FAQ to learn about how the site works, and the Forum Rules to learn what is and isn't allowed on these forums. It's good to take a quick look at the rules of each subforum before you start posting, you won't be the first to get himself warned/banned for something you didn't know it broke the rules...

Enjoy your stay! Cheers!
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We have a thread specifically forintroductions. Feel free to repost yours in there, and read those of your fellow newbies


Were you on break?
Dont remember seeing you for some time