Once I get an idea about what to write about it normally flows out of me and I normally make a nice riff or progression to go with it... But I have serious problems coming up with something serious to write about. I play in a rock band with more of a 70's style guitar riffs or some form of ballads. So far I have 2 good songs one about rising to the top of a challenge and the other about a girl. But my other ideas are things like the bottle beside my computer and stupid things like that. Can anyone help me with picking things to write about?
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maybe just compromise. stick to what comes naturally but make it sound like its serious or to the point.
what helps me to write is to tell a story within the song. or idk i call them like quick changes. when the song is going one way, then just changes and its almost like smashing 2 songs together.
or write about
..... google these things lol
you need an outlet for your less-than-serious ideas. side project!
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Silly songs are sometimes the best! i like the side project idea, or u could just take ur wierd songs and try to find some metaphor to associate with it, so when people ask you why are u singing about that? you could say its much deeper than that... it worked for bob dylan

but seriously just write whatever you want!
i have the same problem, but honestly, look at todays music. when is there ever a serious song nowadays?
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