In my profile, Metuhl (Newest!). I added a second guitar with harmonies.

Pretty sloppy and inconsistent rhythm parts, but it's harder than you might think. Or maybe I just suck. Either way, please check it out and tell me what you think, I'll crit you back too! Just make sure to tell me what song you want me to crit.
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Awesome! I liked your song very much.. IMO, the highlight was clearly the solo, very well done, fast and aggressive..

Could you comment mine please?
nice song man. i like the intro. very lynyrd skynyrd ish. playing was good. the tone was okay. i was hoping for vocals though and there were none. thats what will make or break this song. youre a good composer though.
i think around 350 when you let the guitar ring out for awhile. that would be a good place to end it. as it seems to drag on./

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I like the intro! Are you using single coil pickups for the clean part? It sounds like you are to me, but I'm still not too familiar with their sound. In any case, it sounds really good.

The song seems very Metallica-ish. There are some great riffs in there (and nice use of intervals other than 5ths!).

Solo makes me think Metallica in parts and Slayer in other parts. Fast!

You've gotten a really solid foundation: great riffs and a good flow for the song with enough variety to keep things interesting. My main suggestions would be (1) to use a tighter/chunkier and less-digital-sounding distortion (the cleans sound great already) and (2) to work on tightening up the playing a bit. You're playing some pretty complex stuff in places, so I can see the difficulty -- you just need to turn your right hand into a machine This is especially important when you are double-tracking the guitars.

This song could completely slay with the right playing and production!
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great music, not the best distortion sound but the intros has some nice sound to it, what do you record with?

i would say this is more melodic than metallica/megadeth especially that intro solo thing

should put some more thought into your solos, the solo seems a lil plain, start up slow and add a solo melody, before you go into pentatonic "shred" and it would be perfect

anyways, good music, should get a vocalist

crit mine? not metal but still

Thanks a lot everybody!

Electric Eye: It does maybe a little, but I would have to say it sounds much more like Welcome Home (Sanitarium) by Metallica.

strikeyt: Yes, single coils on my good old crappy Squire Strat. I'm using the position that uses the bridge and middle pickups, that's probably why it's sounds good. The bridge one very trebley on it's own.

And to everyone: This song was written to have vocals, I just don't have a singer, and I can't sing nor write lyrics either.

I'll crit you guys back when I get the chance.
I agree with the people here, the solo as pretty amazing, you got some nice skills man. The clean intro was nice, but it could have been smoother, like I can hear some minor time issues and some little mistakes, but like I said, they were little. The harmonized intro was really good, although I wasn't a fan of the tone and the riffs were pretty much all amazing. I loved the song, so 9/10, just try getting a better tone and smoothen your playing a little and it'll be a perfect trash metal song.

Thanks for the crit on my song.
Quote by strikeyt

This song could completely slay with the right playing and production!

what this guy said. the song is good real good has a master vibe to it at one point.
i think maybe cleaning up your tone to make some of your riffs clearer and getting some of the timing together would help loads. the solo kicks ass by the way. the playing is heavy and fast, ****as intense. blows most others out of the water.
theres lots of meat to sink into in this tho its well worked out just needs cleaning up.
keep at it this is gonnna be killer.

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