Okay, this is the new demo that my band Xstrophy has just finished recording. I just want to know what people think about it. My personal favorites are Intro To My Life, Inject Me With Pain, Forgotten Soul, and Lucifers Throne. If you check out any of the songs, you can leave me feedback on any of the ones you check out. If you check out my stuff, I will gladly check out your stuff and leave a crit if you leave me a link. The link to our myspace is in my signature. Thanks!
I listened to Until the End.

Some timing issues between the guitar and drums right of the bat. Vocals are terrible IMO.
Cool lead at 1:31. This is really repetative. My lord the vocalist is awful. There's basically only 1 riff in this song. 3:24: finally some change. Guitar lead is way too quiet. Cool drum beat though.

I won't ask for a return crit since I was so negative.
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Yeah thats a good live song. im not too fond of it on the record actually. I would re record it if possible but our studio isnt set up for recording anymore so itll do until we get into a real studio.
I listened to 4 songs and, bottom line, you guys need to practice more. The timing is a train wreck, sounds as if the drummer is the culprit most of the time so I'm not sure he's the one to "take [you] to the level you want", vocals are pretty bad. Production is also weak and mastering the material won't fix that (vocal levels at the beginning of Lucifer's Throne for instance). This sounds like what it is, a fairly crappy demo.
i listend to lucifers throne. the vocals are BAD. you need a new singer. the timing as also off. the guitar playing is good though and i like the chorus at 130. i bet you guys would be killer live. the vocals just seem low in the mix too. not a bad song. i think the main thing is vocals. there not bad but im not sure youre going anywere with them. its the truth. this is an honest crit. i think you will thank me for that. rather then lie and say its great. you guys have potential and i would love to listen to more.

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