Why do so many people think that a good guitarist is a fast playing guitarist? My friend won't bow down to any good guitarists unless they can shred. What you guys think about shredding? I think it's good but it isn't what skill should be based off of. If I am at an audition and the guy before me can play 1000 notes in 30 seconds, the band is more likely to hire him. How do I know that happened to me. I got up and played a mini solo with only a few notes but they were powerful and filled with emotion, not just every note on the guitar played as heartless as possible. Shouldn't player skill be based more on musicality rather than speed. Don't get me wrong there's a lot of shredders out there that can play with such power and emotion that it's just awesome. But to usually early guitar players and the general public they think speed is all what a good guitarist is. What's your guys' take on this?

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It's not personal, but...


These ALWAYS turn into speed vs. emotion arguments, and those have no place in MT.

Moreover, emotion/speed does not preclude speed/emotion.
i bet your friend bows down to buckethead....i mean, how can you connect with a performer if you cant even see his face or even know what he looks like?

On the other hand, i think John Petrucci ranks up there as one of the top shredders that can write emotional songs and play with a lot of emotion
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In your situation, it was really more dependant on what the band was after, if you suited their style more, they would have chose you.

Shredding is useful (I can't do it properly yet, I'll get there) obviously for some quick phrases and as another technique to add to your repetoire to add variety to your solos and stuff.

You don't have to shred the whole time, I know a couple of people who can shred very well, but they barely ever do it, when they do it's awesome.
Well, you see it in a million different ways. Who can piss the highest. Who earns the most money, has the nicest car, prettiest girlfriend, the list goes on. It's a human nature thing to be competitive and show off. Unfortunately, it also misses the entire point of making music! The point of music is to express yourself (even if only to yourself), not to prove yourself.

For a rock based guitarist, being able to play fast is an important ability to have - but just as part of your overall arsenal. I agree with you that too many people use it as a measuring stick for how good a guitarist is.
Maybe one of the reasons they didn't hire you is that the person that can shred can play harder material than you can, and probably has better chops and etc.

Let's face it, yeah, you can play 4 quarter notes (or whatever) at 100 BPM that sound 'powerful', but your skill level compared to his is null.

Remember that writing and improv and is just as much a skill as playing is. If he learns or knows how to write well, he play play a much wider variety of material than you can.

And no, I do not like shred, but I also do not like people who complain about it all the time.
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It's all about how you are phrasing when you are playing a solo, it doesn't matter if you play fast or slow. If you can't pharse good when you play fast the solo will suck, the same if it is slow. And ofcourse personal opinions, I like both shredding and slow.
If you can play real fast, you are fairly good, but not necessaryily better than a blues guitarist with great tone. A good guitarist is just someone that can play well at any speed, sometimes shredding is the most appropriate thing for a song and you cant get the same feel with only 3nps.
Of course fast or slow doesn't matter. There's way too many variables involved with being a guitarist to boil it down to this one issue. It's like the idiots who think they can make sense of the entirety of the political realm using the labels "liberal" and "conservative."

Just doesn't work that way.
the way i see it in this case. if he was auditioning, then its not like he will immediately be the main song writer in the band, or be a creative force. likely the band will have already had material that they want him to play...

if he can play super fast, then likely he can play anything that the band throws at him, regardless of his musical skill (it wouldnt matter since he isnt a creative force in the band), if he has great technical skill, then he will be able to play what the band wants him to play, no problem.

if u play 'slow and powerfully', then your technical skill maybe under question.

its an audition after all...

if ur applying for a job, you dont try and be conservative do you? no you tell them exactly how skilled you are, and why you are the BEST for the job. i think thats just what he was doing...
Quote by cteez910
i bet your friend bows down to buckethead....i mean, how can you connect with a performer if you cant even see his face or even know what he looks like?

and what does it matter if you can see him?

but on topic, i'll have to agree with FreakShow99 ^
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I don't care as long as they create good music.
Allan Holdsworth is a good example of guitar virtuoso who make good music. He plays fast from time to time because it fits his musical ideas, and not to show off.
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In my opinion, people who can shred really fast are great guitarists. They're just not necessarily great musicians.
joining in with pretty much everything everyone else said before me. A good musician is someone who has the 'feel' for music and it comes to them naturally. You can see it at a good musician's hand, how smoothly it slides over the fretboard and how easily he or she picks out the right notes. Never necessarily fast. Some of the most genious songs in history might as well be pretty slow indeed.
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I agree with bangoodcharlotte - this keeps coming up over and over again in various forms. It turns into an argument, and this has already gotten ugly. Nobody ever wins. Feelings almost always get hurt.

Maybe start it up in the pit?

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